It is all about the small details in every single moment.

Above Borders wants to give you experiences for life.

We know that every single impression matter, right from the first moment you contact us or register for a tour. As a travel company we are convinced that our tours are really good. The challenges for us is ti explain why the experiences we create will give you a lifetime experience.

Our previous participants are way better at explaining why:

"As a participant in the group, the only thing you have to think about is how you will enjoy and take in all the new impressions of the destination."

Camilla - Autumn tour to North Korea, Read the whole review

"Above borders has definitely put a lot of time and effort into creating this tour and I can highly recommend them as a travel company."

Katrine - New Years tour to North Korea, Read the whole review

"Now 14 days after returning home from the marathon tour to North Korea with Above Borders I am still very excited about my experiences."

Lars - Marathon tour to North Korea, Read the whole review

"Above Borders has great knowledge about the country and the culture. Therefore they give good advice on which behavior to show to get the best experience possible."

Laura - Autumn tour to North Korea, Read the whole review

"So if you are sitting out there, questioning yourself if such a trip would be suitable for you, I can tell you with great confidence that traveling with Above Borders is something you never will regret."

Andreas - Marathon tour to North Korea, Read the whole review


Autumn tour to Turkmenistan

With its 12.000 yearly visitors, Turkmenistan is one of the worlds most isolated counties. This autumn you can experience the unique country with our own eyes. On this tour you will overnight in the dessert, next to the gate to Hell, see one of the worlds whitest cities, swim in the caspian sea and much much more. We are looking forward to show you this closed country.

  • 12. September - 20. September
  • 15.995 DKK

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Pyongyang Film Festival

Did you know there is a film festival in Pyongyang? This is the only possibility for locals to watch international films and your only chance to see movies in a north korean cinema while getting closer to the local film culture. On this tour, we will also visit the most important attractions and visit one of the worlds most intense militray areas, DMZ.

  • 18. September - 24. September
  • 13.995 DKK

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Bike tour in North Korea

In collaboration with Behind Handlebars, we have made a tour which you can not find similar anywhere else. You will get the possibilty to bike on routes, no one has ever biked before, and thereby also experience North Korea from a view, no one else has before. Join this bike tour and experience the worlds most isolated country from within.

  • 8. Oktober - 16. Oktober
  • 14.995 DKK

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New Year's tour to North Korea

Have you ever wondered how it is to celebrate new years eve in North Korea? Now you have the chance. Together with 50.000 North Koreans, you can jump into the new year from Kim Il Sung Square. Jon this new years tour, if you want a unique start on the new year.

  • 29. December - 4. January
  • 12.000 DKK

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Marathon Tour to North Korea

This is one of the most famous events in North Korea - and with good reason. This is your only chance to run in the streets of Pyognyang and end the route in a full Kim Il Sung Stadium. If you want an experience for life, which only the fewest have, then travel with us on this Marathon tour to North Korea.

  • 9. April - 16. April 2020
  • From 13.995 DKK

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As a travel company, we have a responsibility for the world we want to explore. That is why Above Borders work focused with UN's sustainable development goals, and cover our travelers carbon footprint. We are quite proud of that. If you press the button, you can read much more about our work and how we are a responsible and sustainable travel company.

Carbon postive travel company Above Borders RenSti


At Above Borders, we believe the best way to learn about the world is to travel and explore it with your own eyes. We do however also understand, that you can not always be traveling, and we understand that you still need to have your travel-lust settled. It can also be that you are seeking inspiration for your next tour. Therefore you can, until you travel with us the next time, prepared and look forward to your tour by reading some of our personal stories from our unique destinations.

Tailor made program

Are you a group, a class or an union who want a tailor made program or doest our current tours not fit to your schedule, Above Borders can coordinate a tour fulfilling your needs. Above Borders is a travel company which highly value planning our program to give our participants new insights and amazing experiences, and we can fore sure arrange an itinerary which will fulfill your needs.

Travel company with different destinations

Above Borders is not a regulary travel company, and therefore we do not have regulary travel destinations. We carefully choose our destinations based on the people, the culture and the history in the country. No matter the destination, you can therefore be sure that Above Borders have ensured a different destination and itinerary compared to your regular tour.

The experienced tour leaders of the travel company

Tour leader Jonas Bang Andersen

Since his first tour to North Korea in 2016 Jonas Bang Andersen - who is the owner and founder of the travel company - understood how important it is to experience and learn about the world. Jonas believes that the best way to learn about a new country is to travel there yourself. That is exactly why he arranges tours to North Korea and other unique destinations. n his travels to North Korea has Jonas visited two different middle schools, a north Korean agriculture, a north Korean university, DMZ (one of the worlds most intense military areas), received dancing lessons at a north Korean children palace, been to the top of Juche Tower and much muchmore.

Jonas has been to North Korea several times as both a private person and with his travel company, held several presentations about North Korea and told about his experiences in radio and television. Therefore Jonas is one of Denmark's most experienced tour leaders when the tour goes to North Korea and isolated countries. Therefore Jonas is one of Denmark's most experienced tour leaders when the tour goes to North Korea and isolated countries.

Travelpresentation about North Korea

Besides the tours that the travel company Above Borders arranges, we love to share our previous experiences. That is why Jonas gladly will join your union, business, school or similar and tells his personal anecdotes from his many travels to North Korea. You will experience an presentation, which can both enlighten and entertain, while the audience is beeing kept engaged through Jonas' present narrative style.