It is about the small details in every moment.

Above Borders want to give you experiences for life. That benefits our travelers.

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"As a participant in the group, the only thing you have to think about is how to enjoy and connect with all the new impressions of the destination."

Camilla - Autumn tour to North Korea, Read the whole review

"Above Borders has definitely put a lot of time and effort into creating this tour and I can highly recommend them as a travel company."

Katrine - New Years tour to North Korea, Read the whole review

"Now 14 days after returning home from the marathon tour to North Korea with Above Borders I am still very excited about my experiences."

Lars - Marathon tour to North Korea, Read the whole review

"Above Borders has great knowledge about the country and the culture. Therefore they give good advice on which behavior to show to get the best experience possible."

Laura - Autumn tour to North Korea, Read the whole review

"So if you are sitting out there, questioning yourself if such a trip would be suitable for you, I can tell you with great confidence that traveling with Above Borders is something you never will regret."

Andreas - Marathon tour to North Korea, Read the whole review

Tours to Turkmenistan

Nowruz festival in Turkmenistan

Participate in the local celebration when we will go to Nowruz Festival. You will also see the gate to hell, the worlds whitest city and much much more. Briefly said, you will gain an experience for life.

  • 19. March - 27. March 2020
  • 13.995 DKK

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Desert Safari in Turkmenistan

Join the ultimate Turkmenistan experience on this desert safari with incredible things in store. A night at the Gate to Hell, passing by the Yangikala Canyon and visit local villages in the desert. If you want to experience authentic Turkmenistan, this is the tour!

  • 6. August - 17. August 2020
  • 15.995 DKK

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Tours to North Korea

Skiing trip to North Korea

Not only will you be skiing in one of the worlds most isolated destinations. You will be guided by trained ski instructors from Riders.dk. Besides that, you will experience the famous border zone DMZ and much more.

  • 16. February - 25. February
  • 14.995 DKK

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Marathon Tour to North Korea

It is one of the most famous events in North Korea - and not without a reason. It is the only chance to run around the streets of Pyongyang and finish at a full Kim Il Sung Stadium. If you want an experience as only the fewest will have, then join our Marathon Tour to North Korea.

  • 9. April - 16. April 2020
  • From 13.995 DKK

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Bike tour to North Korea

Are you eager to experience the most unique and special tour we have ever arranged for traveling North Korea? Now is the time! We repeat the success and arrange yet another bike tour to North Korea. This will be a tour where you will experience one of the most isolated countries in the world on close range.

  • 7. May - 16. May 2020
  • From 15.995 DKK

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Late spring tour to North Korea

On this tour you will get unique insight in the Korean culture and the North Korean traditions. We will visit a Cristian church, see DMZ, visit the war museum, try the amusement park and meet university students.

  • 20. May - 27. May 2020
  • 11.995 DKK

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Budget summer tour to North Korea

This tour is your oppourtunity to experience North Korea on a smaller budget. You will visit DMZ, see the most important monuments, swim in the local waterpark and much more.

  • 9. July - 14. July 2020
  • 10.495 DKK

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Tours to Russia

Summer tour to Russia

Experience the historic, the modern and the local Russian when Above Borders go to the biggest country in the world. Discover the major cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan but also a small provincial area called Bryansk.

  • 10. June - 18. June 2020
  • 11.995 DKK

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Responsible Travel

As a travel company, we have a responsibility for the world we want to explore. That is why Above Border's work focused with UN's Sustainable Development Goals and make sure to cover our traveler's carbon footprint. We are quite proud of that. If you press the button, you can read much more about our work and how we make an effort to be a responsible and sustainable travel company.

Carbon postive travel company Above Borders RenSti


At Above Borders, we believe the best way to learn about the world is to travel and explore it with your own eyes. However, we do understand that leisure time is limited and you want to make sure that your expectations are met when choosing to feed your lust for traveling. It can also be that you are seeking inspiration for your next tour. In all cases, we offer you personal stories and experiences from our unique destinations.

Tailor made program

Jonas børn

Are you a group, a school or a union which one to have tailor-made tour or does our already schedules tours simply dont meet your needs? Then Above Borders offer a tour for your wishes. Our destinations are carefully selected by their unique demographics and history. That is why we will do everything we can, so that the program will fullfill your individual requests, which ensures the best possible experience.

Our experienced tour leaders

Gustav Trampe i Turkmenistan
About travel leader Jonas

The foundation for Above Borders has been created by enthusiasts who wants to show you some of the worlds most isolated destinations. Our three tour leaders are Gustav, Adil, and the founder Jonas, who all are experienced tour leaders and experts in the destinations we visit. Gustav is tour-leading in North Korea and Turkmenistan and has furthermore traveled in many countries in South America and Central Asia. Adil is our Russia-expert. She is an experienced tour-leader and speaks fluent Russian. She is also a tour leader in Turkmenistan. Last, but not least, the founder Jonas. He is one of the leading experts about North Korea and with more than double-digit tours to North Kora you can be ensured to get a unique experience if you go to North Korea.

Together with the rest of the team behind Above Borders, the tour leader put a great honor in telling stories from the world's most isolated destinations. The vision is trough dialog and trust, to create a contact with the local community and create relations which opens up the real world.

Travel presentation about North Korea

Besides arranging tours, we love to share our previous travel experiences. Jonas is more than happy to visit your union, business, school or other organisation to tell his personal anecdotes from his many travels to North Korea. You will experience an presentation, which can both enlighten and entertain, while the audience is engaged through Jonas' present narrative style.