An experience of a lifetime

We ensure to get you fully ready for your trip. We send you all the necessary information, reading material, documentaries and broadcasts, that help shed light on your destination from several different angles. That way, you are ready to experience the world – even before you hop on the plane.

Our tour leaders are very skilled and have a unique knowledge of the destination that you are visiting.
They will bring you close to the people, make sure that you truly get to experience the culture and will broaden your understanding of the destination.
This gives you a greater insight into the different destinations, and when you travel home again, you will feel that the experiences continue to impress you. This is what Above Borders is all about: Creating experiences that leave a lifelong impression on you.

In addition to having an absolutely amazing experience, you are allowed to share it all with other like-minded and curious travelers. With a group trip, you get the opportunity to build special relationships with your fellow travelers as you will share lots of great and unique experiences.

A trip you cannot arrange yourself

We actually mean it when we say you get a unique travel experience. We firmly believe that if you have to travel with a travel agency, that travel agency must arrange something you could not do yourself. If we didn’t, then why would you choose to travel with us? Therefore, you can be guaranteed that we on our group trips give you an experience that you could not arrange yourself. It may well be that there are parts of the trip you could arrange yourself, e.g. book a hotel or the like. However, we make sure that we, either through our local knowledge or expert tour leader, give you the extra layer that makes the trip unforgettable.

Above Borders is not a regular travel agency and we are convinced that you cannot find another travel agency that arranges trips as we do. We look forward to showing you on our next group trip.

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