Terms and Conditions

I. The journey
1. The trip is arranged and organized by Above Borders Travel ApS (CVR. 39692333), member number 2943 of the travel guarantee fund. The details of the trip are distributed via the document “travel information”, as well as on the website www.aboveborders.net
2. After the registered person has paid the deposit as instructed in connection with registration for the trip, the registered person confirms that he is bound and follows the following travel conditions whether the registered person’s registration for the trip is confirmed or not.
Above Borders, as the organizer of the trip, may delegate to and designate third party partners in connection with, but not limited to, arranging accommodation, transport and other services for the program of the trip. The entrant accepts services offered by these third party affiliates.

Above Borders has the right to make necessary and reasonable changes to the program and the scope is services related to, but not limited to, accommodation, transport and other services to the program to the extent Above Borders deems it necessary and reasonable. Above Borders shall not be liable for losses, damages, expenses or other claims related to these changes and the entrant is not entitled to a refund in addition to the given options for refund as specified in section 3 below.

II. Application
5. Unless otherwise stated, the application for participation in the trip must be made in accordance with the instructions made available. If the registrant fails to comply with the requirements for the trip, including but not limited to payment of the full amount of the trip or parts thereof, the registrant’s application will be rejected and the registrant is not entitled to a refund beyond the given refund options as specified in section 3 below.

6. The registered person’s application for the trip is processed according to the “first come, first served” principle and the registered person agrees that due to the determination of the number registered for the trip (determined by Above Borders for each trip) there is no guarantee that the registered person’s application will be accepted by Above Borders even if deposit is paid and Travel Conditions are signed. The registered person’s application is only confirmed when the registered person has received a confirmation message from Above Borders, which confirms that the registered person’s place is reserved. If the registered person’s application is rejected, the registered person’s deposit will be refunded. If the applicant’s application is not rejected, a refund will be given in accordance with the options given for the refund as set out in section 3 below.
7. Above Borders reserves the right to cancel or change the program in the event of too few reported or other unforeseen events beyond Above Borders control including but not limited to force majeure, war, political interests, civil society, civil war, amendments or repeal, regulations and embargoes, travel warnings issued by relevant authorities and governments from the destination, travel warnings issued by relevant authorities in Denmark and travel warnings issued by relevant authorities and governments against the destination. Above Borders shall not be liable for losses, damages and expenses already incurred related to cancellation or changes to the Program and no refund will be offered other than the options provided for refund as set forth in Section 3 below.
III. Refund policy
Refund of the trip payment (or parts thereof) paid to Above Borders will only be made in the following circumstances:
a. If the registered person’s application is rejected or the trip is canceled by Above Borders, the already paid part will be refunded back to the registered
b. If it registered, for whatever reason, wishes to withdraw his registration for the trip, this must be done via written notice to Above Borders within the following time frame, the corresponding amount will be refunded:
Date of revocation *

Amount refundable

Any time before the trip is confirmed:
100% of the amount paid after bank fees is deducted
After confirmation of the trip and at least 30 days * before the start of the trip:
50% of the amount paid, after deposit and bank fees are deducted
After confirmation of the trip and less than 30 days * before the start of the trip:
No refund allowed
During or after the trip
No refund allowed
* Date of revocation is the day Above Borders received the revocation of the registrant.
* Days in these travel conditions significant calendar days, which thus includes all days of the month including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Unless otherwise agreed individually, it is not possible to transfer your payment to future trips arranged by Above Borders or to pass on your payment to another person.

IV. Travel documents and visas
9. Unless otherwise offered, the registrant must always secure his or her own travel documents, including a valid passport and visa (if required) and must ensure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months after the end of the trip and that the visa is valid during the trip. Those registered must forward a copy of these travel documents within a reasonable time frame to Above Borders. The time frame is specified by Above Borders.

10. Above Borders shall not be held liable for participants’ inability to participate in the program and / or loss / damage / distress as a result of lack of validity of the entrant’s personal travel documents and failure to disclose this information to Above Borders ( This does not apply if Above Borders is responsible for the lack of a valid travel document) and that this results in the refusal of a visa or entry to the destination. No refund will be given in addition to the options provided for refund as set forth in section 3 above OR if it is on a trip to North Korea as the options set out in section 7 below.

V. Insurance and health information
11. The registered person is, unless otherwise agreed, required to purchase sufficient travel insurance before the departure of the trip. The insurance must insure the registered person against all risks that may occur during the trip, including adequate coverage for damage / loss of personal belongings, luggage, doctor / medicine expenses for physical or mental injuries, death and expenses for payment in scenarios where the registered person will be out able to complete the journey of the journey. Proof of this insurance must be sent to Above Borders no later than 7 days before departure.

12. The registrant is by signing Acceptance & Recognition if they have physical, medical or mental disorders that may affect the registrant’s participation in the trip, and the registrant’s application may for these reasons be rejected if Above Borders deems these disorders not appropriate in relation to the journey.

WE. Compliance with laws, regulations and instructions
13. The registrant must at all times comply with laws, regulations, orders, rules and policies at the destination of the trip. Above Borders is in no way responsible for the entrant’s violation of these laws, regulations, orders, rules and policies at the destination of the trip and is entitled to payment of any losses / damages as a result of the participant’s violation of these.

14. The entrant must follow instructions and rules issued by Above Border’s staff as well as from third party partners. Above Borders has permission to reject / suspend the entrant’s application / participation in the trip, in the event of the entrant’s persistent disregard or violation of issued instructions and rules. No refund is given other than the options provided for refund as set forth in section 3 above. In addition, Above Borders or third party partners may claim compensation from the registered person in the event of damage / loss, if damage / loss is the result of non-compliance with instructions and rules.

WE YOU. Laws, regulations and instructions applicable to travel to. North Korea (DPRK).
15. Registered for travel in the DPRK must not be a citizen of South Korea, Japan or the United States and must not be a journalist. By signing the Acceptance and Recognition, the registrant confirms the above.
16. The entrant undertakes not to produce any documentary, including but not limited to radio programs, films, video clips or written documents published both online and physically containing and / or displaying information, data, images, photographs, video and / or audio recordings acquired during the trip to DPRK, whether these releases are during or after the trip.
17. If the entrant fails to comply with the above conditions, the entrant’s application / participation will be immediately rejected / suspended without any refund. Above Borders is not responsible for any loss, damage, expense or any other form of compensation or penalty issued by the authorities and government against the entrant.
18. According to laws and regulations related to two travel visas issued by relevant authorities of the DPRK, the applicant for whom a visa is applied for to the DPRK for purely tourist purposes will first receive his visa one day before entry into North Korea. The registrant understands and accepts that the registrant’s visa to the DPRK may be at risk of being rejected by the DPRK for the reason beyond Above Border’s control and that Above Broders is not required to explain the reason for a rejected visa application. Above Borders will, however, refund the registrant’s payment of the trip (after bank fees have been deducted) upon receipt of the visa refusal, unless the reason for the refusal is found in the registrant’s submission of incorrect information or breach of these travel conditions.

19. Those registered for travel in DPRK must read and understand all specific rules issued in the travel information and must comply with these instructions and rules before, during and after the trip.

VIII. Violation of travel conditions

20. If the registered person fails to comply with and / or violates these travel conditions, Above Borders may, at its sole discretion and without notice, suspend the registered person’s application / participation in the trip, the registered person’s payment and reject requests for refund of payment.

IX. Responsibility
21. In addition to the above, Above Borders shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expense or otherwise deemed outside the scope of the trip, including but not limited to the entrant’s own travel to and from the venue as specified in the program and / or the registered withdrawal of the trip during the trip (which is certainly not recommended)

22. The registered person expressly waives the liability of Above Borders and their third party partners and their respective owners, employees and investors from any liability or claim in case aircraft / trains are canceled / delayed, robbery , accidents, death, personal injury, natural disasters, political interests, war, terrorist attacks or the like or in case of injury as a result of emotional stress, mental illness or other mental injuries of any kind.

X. Animal foods
See. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s recommendation due to EU rules on the import of animal products, Above Borders must draw attention to these rules.
The rules say that it is forbidden to bring animal food, in that animal products can contain infection with disease, which can be spread to domestic animals. Similarly, there are provisions on the turnover of animal products in the event of an outbreak of infectious animal diseases in EU countries.

By signing these travel conditions, you acknowledge as a fellow traveler that Above Borders has informed you of the rules.

XI. Compensation

26. The entrant will be held responsible for and indemnify Above Borders and third party affiliates for any loss, damage, death, damages, liability, claims, defects, actions, expenses, fees and other costs of any kind (including legal and other advisory costs). if this is due to, arises from or is related to acts, omissions, offenses or negligence of the registered person.

XII. Agreement

27. These travel conditions and documents referred to in these conditions constitute the agreement between the parties related to the trip, and supersede all previous communications, agreements, contracts and the like between the participating parties, whether written or oral.

XIII. Severability

28. If parts of these travel conditions are not officially enforceable or are invalid, the rest of the travel conditions will still apply.

XIV. Changes

29. These travel conditions will be changed from time to time by Above Borders and such changes will apply to the registrant after reasonable notice.

XV. Jurisdiction
30. These travel conditions must follow and be monitored by Danish law and have been prepared in accordance with this. In the event of a dispute, the action between the registered person and Above Borders must be brought before a Danish court or by arbitration in Denmark.
Acceptance & Recognition
31. Health information
By accepting Above Border’s travel conditions, I confirm that I understand my participation in the trip may involve unforeseen events and may be a risk to my health and safety. After consultation with my doctor, I confirm that I am in a physical and mental state to participate in the program of the trip. Should this change, I will contact Above Borders without undue delay.
I confirm that I am not a citizen of South Korea, Japan or the United States and that I am not a journalist. Should this change, I will contact Above Borders without undue delay.
Personal data, privacy and marketing
(A) I understand that it is a necessity for Above Borders to collect personal data, such as name, passport number, contact information, etc. to make necessary reservations in connection with the trip. Furthermore, I understand that Above Borders will pass on this information to third party affiliates for the same purpose
(B) I understand that Above Borders will contact me with marketing materials related to evaluation and upcoming trips, even after the trip has been held, and that this after the holding of the trip can be canceled.
(C) I understand that I have the right to contact Above Borders at any time to request or correct the personal data at info@aboveborders.dk