Why you should choose
Above Borders

We desire to give you experiences for life

"Experiences for life" - That is why, we believe you should choose to travel with us We are aware that it is a very ambitious statement, but we really do mean it!

We believe that the best way to experience and learn about the world is through traveling There are lots of ways of traveling, and we know if you choose Above Borders it obliges us to deliver. it is a responsibility that we desire to live up to.

Above Borders wants to show you a new angle of the worlds most isolated countries, so that you can learn more and get an experience for life.

How we can live up that responsibility and why we believe you should choose, is from our perspective quite simple. It is all about the small details in each and every moment. Details and impressions which can often be hard to define but are not coincidental. It is all the little impressions we obtain from start to finish When you travel with Above Borders will you not only gain experience for life, but you will come close to a culture which is vastly different from your own. May even bare vastly different from what you can even imagine. That is exactly why you should choose us.

The history of Above Borders

Back in 2015 Jonas attended on his first trip to North Korea At that time he had only heard of nuclear weapons, military parades and Kim Jong Un. The trip was different though and showcased a lot more than what the media present North Korea to be like. It is the culture, the people and the experiences. On his way back from North Korea Jonas decided that even more people had to discover and learn more about the worlds most isolated countries - just as he did. In 2016 Jonas founded Nordkorea360 which eventually became Above Borders. Nowadays Jonas has been to North Korea 8 times, lectured several times and shared his experiences in both TV and Radio. Currently, Above Borders arranges tours to North Korea and Turkmenistan. In the future, even more, destinations will be possible to explore and You can join!

The team behind Above Borders

When you travel with Above Borders you will always be accompanied by an expert travel leader who is able to give a unique insight into the destination. Our travel leaders are actually what makes us different from other travel agencies One thing is that they are very nice people, but they are also extremely competent. You are guaranteed local insight and expert knowledge when you have an Above Borders travel leader attending. You can meet our travel leaders right below.

Jonas Bang Andersen
Jonas Bang AndersenFounder & Owner
Gustav Trampe
Gustav TrampeResearch & Development
Adil Mirzakhanova
Adil MirzakhanovaHead of communications
Nanna Konge
Nanna KongeDigital editor
Frederik Færch
Frederik FærchIntern
Louise ChristensenResearcher & Writer
Will soon be updated...
Casper Wiklund
Casper WiklundCreative developer

Above Borders in the media

As you can tell. Above Borders is quite often in the media. It does not matter though whether it is prime time television shows or some local newspaper who is calling. We love to talk to anyone about what we do. It is not only news media we talk to. We attend podcasts, give interviews to students for school projects or do lectures. But it can also be something else. If you are eager to talk us are you as anybody else very welcome to contact us.


Above Borders is a member of the danish Rejsegarantifonden / The Danish travel assurance fond. (Membership number: 2943) That is your assurance that we stick to the rules applying for companies located in Denmark offering trips. You can read more about the Danish Travel Assurance Fond here.