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    Scandinavia's most isolated country

    In the Faroe Islands, it is not always easy to plan your everyday life. Nature and its very changeable weather conditions characterize the Faroese life to a great extent and have helped to create a culture where you are often greeted by ‘maybe’ when you try to make plans for more than a few hours. At the same time, the country’s unpredictable weather is a completely unique experience element in the small autonomous country north of Denmark.
    The Faroe Islands consist of 18 smaller and larger islands, all of which tell a special part of Faroese history. As many as 17 of the islands are still inhabited to this day, where several towns in turn house only a single Faroese person. If you add cool and erratic weather as well as a bare and hilly landscape, you get Scandinavia’s most isolated destination, which is quite vulnerable to today’s many climate changes.
    When visiting the Faroe Islands, in theory it is more likely to meet a sheep than a Faroese. The archipelago is home to more than 70,000 sheep – significantly more than the country’s population of approx. 50,000, of which 60% live in and around the capital, Tórshavn. Whether you are a sheep or a Faroese, you cannot escape the changing shape of the weather, which draws parallels to the characteristics of the local population. 
    Do you want to experience openness, community, unique nature experiences and an ecology with fish gastronomy in the forefront? Then come to the Faroe Islands when we explore the northwestern authenticity of the Kingdom of Denmark and show you the absolutely fantastic landscape of the archipelago and greet the country’s welcoming locals.