About us

Above Borders promotes and creates meetings, dialogue, and understanding between people around the world. People who, under normal circumstances, would never meet. We are striving for a world where everyone has the best conditions to understand and accommodate one another. A world where there is more room for diversity and different ways of life and a greater understanding of different norms and opinions. We believe that unique encounters between people around the world can contribute to this.

At Above Borders, we strive for a world where there is room for diversity and multiplicity. A world where there is an understanding of different norms and opinions.

At Above Borders, we want to help establish unique encounters between people, and we do this by opening up to even the most isolated countries and regions in the world. That way, you and I get the opportunity to meet people who live in ways that are completely different from our own, and unique insights into communities that don’t look like anything we’ve seen before. We continuously share our experiences and stories and constantly develop and improve our local partnerships. Partnerships that we have developed and nurtured since Above Borders’ founding, which give us access to areas no one else has had – until now. We ensure that when you travel with Above Borders, attend one of our events or hear one of our stories, you will have an experience unlike anything else.

The team behind Above Borders

When you travel with Above Borders you will always be accompanied by an expert travel leader who is able to give a unique insight into the destination. Our travel leaders are actually what makes us different from other travel agencies. For one, they are very nice people, but they are also extremely competent. You are guaranteed local insight and expert knowledge when you have an Above Borders travel leader with you. You can meet our travel leaders below.

Above Borders in the media

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As you can see, Above Borders is often active in the media – whether it’s the local newspaper or Go’aften Denmark calling. We love to share our mission! We also have podcasts and we are happy to help with school projects where we give interviews or visit the school and give lectures. If you are interested in talking to us, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Danish Travel Guarantee Fund

Above Borders is a member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund or “Rejsegarantifonden”. (Membership number: 2943). This is your assurance that we stick to the rules which apply to companies located in Denmark offering trips. You can read more about the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund here.  her.

The history of Above Borders

Back in 2015 Jonas attended his first trip to North Korea. At that time, he had only heard of nuclear weapons, military parades and Kim Jong Un. The trip was different though and showcased a lot more than what the media presented. It is the culture, the people and the experiences. On his way back from North Korea, Jonas decided that even more people had to discover and learn more about the world’s most isolated countries – just as he did. In 2016, Jonas founded Nordkorea360 which eventually became Above Borders. Now, Jonas has been to North Korea 8 times, lectured several times and shared his experiences on both TV and Radio. Currently, Above Borders arranges tours to North Korea, Russia and Turkmenistan. In the future, even more destinations will be possible to explore and you can join!