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Whether your inquiry regards a planned programme, a possible presentation, a questions to one of our stories, a studyproject, available seats on our next tour or something totally different are you always more than welcome to contact us. It can also be that you have a suggestions for another destination or a suggestion to what we can do better. The point is, no matter what, we would love to be in touch.

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Fast, but well considered answers

When we say we answer you as soon as possible, we actually mean it. No matter what time at day, which day. If it is by e-mail or phone you try to contact us, we gurantee to answer you as soon as possible. We can however be limited by that the right person to answer your specific inquiry will be on one of our tours, e.q to North Korea, where its simply is not possible to get internet access. Should your request happen to be when we are out of office, then do not fear - we will answer you as soon as we possible can. Should you afterall still feel forgotten or afraid that you inquiry has not arrived in our inbox, you are of course always welcome to to try again. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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On our Instragram page you will find pictures from our travel. It can both be pictures which our tourleader or other particpants has captured. When we post a new picture, we will always add a story connected to that picture. Those stories can be everything from hardcore facts or to small impressions or feelings had when taking the picture.


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