Above Borders Podcast

The Above Borders podcast opens the real world with personal stories from some of the world’s most isolated countries.
At Above Borders, we love to tell stories from our many travels. But we also love hearing others talk about their experiences and impressions. That’s why we’ve started a travel podcast where we combine these two things.

In each episode, your host, Adil, interviews adventurous travelers who love to explore the world by diving into authentic local cultures.
In the podcast, guests will give us an insight into their experiences and share exciting stories. They will bring us closer to distant and isolated destinations.

Do you have an idea for specific destinations or cultural topics that we can cover in an episode of the podcast? Or maybe you yourself have traveled to a special place that you would like to share? Then you are very welcome to write to us at: info@aboveborders.dk. We are looking forward to hear from you!

You can find the Above Borders podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Buzzsprout.

Below you have an overview of all our English speaking episodes, where you can read more, see photos and find links to all episodes. For the Danish episodes, please click here.