Today is an amazing day. Today Nordkorea360 becomes more than just a sparetime project which tells about North Korea, and is renamed to Above Borders with even more focus giving you a deeper insight to the worlds most isolated countries.

North Korea is still our first priority. You will still experience the same personal angles I have tried giving you through Nordkorea360. I still want to challenge your thoughts and give you an deeper insight, an insight which I mean is often forgotten in the media. I will still arrange tours to North Korea and you can still join.

But what does change?

At one and the same time nothing changes and almost everything changes. First and foremost I will now be able to offer you even more tours. IT used to be only one tour in the future and if you did not have the possibility to join the tour, you had to wait for next year. Now it is supposed to be several tours, so that you can choose one which is suitable for you!

Why Above Borders?

It is a bit sad saying "goodbye" to Nordkorea360. Personally that names means so much to me, as it was started with an inspiration to tell more about North Korea from a new angle than what the media did. I wanted to teach people more - which I thought I succeeded pretty well!

Above Borders has the same purpose and only gives even more possibilities to tell and show new angles of the world. As mentioned, we will have more destination and we will, to best possbile extend, give you feeling of passing the borders. Understod in a way which make you feel that the borders are incredible small, almost non existing, as we take you above them. (Or as we tel you more about the destinations from our travels)

That is exactly why I have been looking forward for today. It will be even more travel, with even more people experiencing even more new angles.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Jonas Bang Andersen

Founder of Above Borders