Above Borders can give you and your class an different study trip than you and your school has ever tried before. We will ensure that your study will have a tour, where you not only will get one of your lifes biggest experiences, but you will also learn a lot. Before our tour, Above Borders will give the necessary insight regarding the destination, the history and the culture. During the tour, we will challenge the participants opinions and views, and do what we can to have the students create their own opinion and impression of the country.

In the video on this page (In danish) TV2 Fyn has made an show about Above Borders and the possibility to have an study tour to North Korea.

Above Borders arranges your tour

A study tour on any education is an important part of the teaching and an important part of developing the student so that they can achieve further insight regarding the destination, community and the culture. When you arrange your next study trip with Above Borders we will therefore  ensure that the study trip not will be just any regular tour.

To make the best itinerary, the group will have one specific tour leader from Above Borders connected. The tour leader will have an unique knowledge to the destination and suggest changes and adjustments if needed during the tour. This ensures that we will have an running dialogue, so that the itinerary will be perfectly tailor made for you. An itinerary which will give you insight in the country, society and culture.

Preparation for the tour

As the study tour is not just a standard itinerary which we send, the preparation means a lot to us.

Initially will a tour leader from Above Borders arrange an intro meeting with the responsible parties for the tour. Here will Above Borders learn more about your instition and your education, talk about details as the date for  the tour, expected participants etc. After our meeting we will have an running dialogue until the perfect itinerary is ready.

According to the itinerary Above Borders will arrange travel information and reading materials. The travel information is a mandatory read, as tit will include rules and other regulations on the tour. The reading material can be used as a part of the education for the students and ensure they have extra insight about the country which we will visit. As a supplementary preparation, your tour leader will be available and visit your school or institution. Your tour leader will then tell about previous experiences and how you will get the best experience on the tour.

Your tour leader

Your tour leader will be chosen dependent on the destination. In that way you will benefit from knowledge about the destination, besides the local guides.

When you have a personal tour leader with you, you will experience the tour beeing far bettter organised as you can focus on the actual travel experience. If there before or during the tour should be any challenges or complication which makes an visit will be cancelled, your tour leader will always be able to find the best alternative. Besides this, the students can always ask the tour leader regarding the culture or if they need any other guidance.

Contact Above Borders to arrange your next study trip

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