Tailor made programmes by Above Borders

Do you want a tailor made programme, then Above Borders can help you!

Maybe you want to travel alone, maybe you want a study tour for your class, or maybe you are a smaller group which wishes to travel together. Then we can design your programme, so that you will benefit the most possible of your experiences. As for our group programmes we want to ensure that you get close to the local culture, obtain a deeper insight in the destination and that you will get an lifetime lasting experience.

Tailor made programmes designed for your needs. With you and for you.

Study trips

Above Borders has the oppourtunity to give an totally new, unique and different form of study trip. We wants to ensure that your class, besides getting amazing experiences, will have achieved a lot of new knowledge. Before the tour, Above Borders will give you the necessary insight in the history and culture of the destination. An insight which is neccessary to achieve the wished knowledge and enhance the experience. During our tour, your tour leader will challenge the particpants opinions and make the best possible effort for the students to create their very own opinion about a country which is very often single sided in the media.

Contact Above Borders now and let us in cooperation arrange your next study trip.

Private tours

Just because you are not a part of a school or another union, we can still arrange your next tour. You might want a solo tour and need help planning the tour. It can also be that you and your family wants to travel. Furthermore it can be you are a group of friends. No matter what, Above Borders can tailor made your coming tour. In close dialogue, we will fullfill your wishes to your travel. It can be various number of days or that you really wish to see some specific monuments. The itineray will be made in close cooperation with your tour leader, and in that you you are guranteed that your programme will not be any traditionel tour, but a tour which is tailor made to your specific wishes.

Is there a minimum no. of particpants?

No, we can arrange any tour - no matter if you are 1 or 50 persons. The no. of particpants will however affect the possibilities on the tour, and it can give a very different experience whether you are alone or sharing the experiences with like minded people - but we will of course take the no. of participants into account when we plan the itinerary.

Where does Above Borders arrange tours to?

The primary destination for Above Borders is North Korea, but we can also arrange your tour to Iran, Tibet or somewhere else. We have a broead network in the whole world, and no matter where you imagine your next tour should go, we can help you.