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Experience the world with like minded travelers

Are you ready for a unique tour? You might dream of experience some of the worlds most unique culture destinations as North Korea. In a time, where your next tour is only one click away, it is important that you set some demands and have high expectations. With a program from Above Borders, you will have an unique experience, which as an example will bring you close to the local community in the countries we visit.

Above Borders arrange in-ordinary group tours, created in collaboration with local partners, which will give you a deeper and more nuanced insight in the culture and the people of the destination.


New Year's tour to North Korea

Har du nogensinde tænkt på hvordan det er at fejre nytår i Nordkorea, så har du nu chancen. Sammen med 50.000 nordkoreanere kan du hoppe ind i det nye år fra Kim Il Sung Square. Tag med på denne nytårsrejse, hvis du vil have en helt unik start på det nye år.

  • 29. December - 4. January
  • 12.000 DKK

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Skiing trip to North Korea

Not only will you be skiing in one of the worlds most isolated destinations. You will be guided by trained ski instructors from Besides that, you will experience the famous border zone DMZ and much more.

  • 16. February - 25. February
  • 14.995 DKK

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Marathon Tour to North Korea

It is one of the most famous events in North Korea - and not without a reason. It is the only chance to run around the streets of Pyongyang and finish at a full Kim Il Sung Stadium. If you want an experience as only the fewest will have, then join our Marathon Tour to North Korea.

  • 9. April - 16. April 2020
  • From 13.995 DKK

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Novruz festival in Turkmenistan

Participate in the local celebrations when we on this tour are joining the Novruz festival. You will also see the gate to hell, the worlds whitest city and much much more. Briefly said, you will have an experience for life.

  • 19. March - 27. March 2020
  • 13.995 DKK

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May tour to North Korea

On this tour you will get unique insight in the Korean culture and the North Korean traditions. We will visit a Cristian church, see DMZ, visit the war museum, try the amusement park and meet university students.

  • 20. May - 27. May 2020
  • 11.995 DKK

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Budget summer tour to North Korea

This tour is your oppourtunity to experience North Korea on a smaller budget. You will visit DMZ, see the most important monuments, swim in the local waterpark and much more.

  • 9. July - 14. July 2020
  • 10.495 DKK

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An experience for life.

We ensure you are ready to travel. We will send you information, reading material, documentaries and shows which are all enlightening your destination from different angels. In this way, you are ready to experience the world - even before you are on the plain.

Above Borders skilled tour leaders, will take you close to the local community and challenge your views. This gives you a greater insight to the different destinations, and when you travel home, you will feel the memories keep making an impression on you. That is exactly what Above Borders is all about: Creating experience, which will give you a life time memory.

Besides an extraordinary experience, you will also get to share this with other like minded and curious travelers. With a group tour, you will get an opportunity to create a bond with your co-travelers. You will at least have A LOT to talk about.

See our already planned group tours and read more about each itinerary for each tour by choosing one of them here below.

Program to North Korea

Experience the unique North Korea Here you will get a chance to travel to one of the worlds most isolated countries. You will travel with a danish tour leader and local guides. This is the ultimate experience for you, who wants to get close to the north Korean culture and the local people. Experience the well debated country from a new angle and create memories you will never forget.

A group tour you can not arrange your self.

We actually do mean it, when we say you will get an unique travel experience. We do firmly believe, that if you shall travel with a travel company, that travel company has to arrange something you can not arrange yourself. If we did not do that, why would you then choose to travel with us? Therefore we guarantee that our group tours will give you an unique experience, which you can not arrange yourself. It can be there there are parts of the tour you could do your self, as booking a hotel or similar. We do however ensure, with our local knowledge and expert tour leaders to give you that extra layer which make the tour unforgettable.

Above Borders is not a normal travel company - meant in a good way. That is actually also why we are convinced, you can not find another travel company, which arranges tours the way we do. Well, it can be there are similar destinations and you can find group tours which are cheaper than ours. We simply can not believe it will be the same great experience - and we are looking forward to show you why on our next tour.

Does Above Borders arrange more tours than the above mentioned?

At Above Borders you can also experience a variety of unique destinations. We keep working at developing our pogrammes so you can experience even more corners of the world. You can always find our already planned programmes here, but if you want to be told as soon as we have planned the next tour, you can follow our newsletter and be sure to never miss an update.

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