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At Above Borders your safety means everything. This includes the safety of your personal data. Data which is necessary for us to collect as we e.g. request your visa to our travels or when we are in contact regarding the planning of an presentation.

Above Borders will therefore ensure always to live up to the valid rules and regulations and always ensure that you are in good hands.

Below, you can read even more about our privacy policy.

Personal information

When you travel with Above Borders it is neccessary for us to collect personal information about you (passport, working permit or similar) and process your information to third party partners as Eastern Vision, which process your visa application. Furthermore we storage your address and name for issuing your receipt in connection with payment of tour tour.

To live up to current applicable danish law, inclduing GDPR, you give your consent to process this information. Your information and documentation will only be used for the purpose they have been collected for and will be deleted when this purpose not longer is relevant. You can always contact us and be informed which information we have stored about you. This can be done by contacting us at:

E-mail: info@aboveborders.dk
Phone: +45 71747588

If there are any errors in your data, you can change them on your personal registration page or ask us to change them. Furthermore you have the right to have the processed in an regular format (Data portability). If you have any wishes regarding change or data portability  are you also more than welcome to contact us on the above mentioned information.

Furthermore you can always delete your information on your personal profile or by contacting us.

By signing up for Above Borders' newsletter, we will storage your e-mail until you actively wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter. This can be done in the bottom of each e-mail.

You have the possibility to send an complaing regarding the treatment of your personal information and data. Your formal complaint has to be send to the danish DPA c.f. personal data law § 58.1


What a cookie is

"A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer or IT-equipment. Cookies make it possible for the website to recognise your device, and to gather information about the pages and functions that you use in your browser. However, cookies cannot identify you, detect your name, where you live, or whether your computer is used by one or several people."
Source: https://danishbusinessauthority.dk/cookies



How Above Borders uses cookies

Above Borders uses cookies, which we notify every visitor about, and by continous use of our website you accepts the collection of cookies.

We use the cookies for following purposes:

  • Technical functionality: With cookies we can ensure that you will get the best possible experience of our site. This for an example means that your preferences will be stored.
  • Traffic statistics: By using cookies also means we collect anonymous statistics which we can use to make your experience even better, and use to ensure our server can handle the traffic.
  • Advertising: We use cookies in connection with delivering relevant adds as well as collect the effect of these ads.

Above Borders share cookies with third part services such as Google Services (Analytics) and other third party marketing platforms (Facebook Pixel and MailChimp). The collected data will always be anonymous and you can  therefore not be identified by using these cookies. They are only used for enhancing your experience when visiting our website.

Accept our privacy policy

To travel with Above Borders, it is necessary that you accept our privacy policy which you have read on this page. You thereby accept that we process relevant information to third parts and accept we store your data until the purpose with the data storage has been fulfilled.