Run, enjoy beer and explore the world

The philosophy behind Mikkeller Running Club is that enjoying great beer and doing a bit of physical activity can help you keep a balance in life…and why not add travelling and experiencing the real world to the mix? That’s what we have done with this collaboration between Mikkeller Running Club and Above Borders.
We will take you to some of the most isolated destinations in the world and ensure you an amazing experience with the local culture. Of course we will run and drink beer as well. Don’t you worry. And on top of it all, we will meet members from MRC chapters on the destinations. Who knows? You might get a new running buddy in Russia or the Faroe Islands before this year is over.

Upcoming Tours

Få en gratis e-bog med 8 personlige beretninger fra Nordkorea!

Tilmeld dig vores nyhedsbrev, hvor du kan glæde dig til:

- at blive inviteret til events
- få besked når vi har nye rejser klar
- få tilsendt unikke historier fra nogle af verdens mest isolerede destinationer
- blive opdateret på Above Borders

I dit første nyhedsbrev får du en gratis e-bog med 8 personlige beretninger fra Nordkorea, skrevet af Jonas Bang Andersen.