Does there exist fireworks in North Korea? They can't afford that? North Koreans doesnt even know about it, right?

You should think that you are right, but actually the real situation in North Korea is totally different. In North Korea they are happy to use firework. No matter if it is to celebrate a successfull military parade or new years evening.

On my first tour to North Korea, I had Audrey as a tour leader. She comes from Hong Kong and has been in North Korea several times. She has also celebrated new years eve in North Korea, and therefore she has with her own eyes seen fireworks in North Korea.

On new years eve, Audrey and the rest of her group was standing at Kim Il Sung Square and looking across the Taedong-gang river in Pyonyang, towards the high Juche  Tower on the other side of the river. They were here as they were told that this should be the best spot to view the show - without tall buildings blocking the view and from a clear sky.

The sky in Hong Kong can sometimes be polluted. But as they dont have many factories and cars on the roads in North Korea is the air in general more clean. That makes the fireworks even more bright and incredible - which just enhances the experience even furhter. Besided the fireworks, it is obvious that it is a really rare and special feeling, beeing in the one the worlds most isolated countries and celebrate the new year. New years evening is always a fresh start. A start on new obstacles, challenges and experiences which you will have in the coming 12 months. When this start is in a country as North Korea, you will receivce a whole lot of different expereinces than if you have had been home in usual surroundings, and we will recommend this to everyone - as your coming year will start of in an unique way. An unique year, with a more open mind as the year has started with experiences in North Korea.
Experiences which has show that there is more than just what the media shows and  tells you. Experience which has show that the worlds most isolated country also is a country with 25 million people, who all have their own stort to and experiences which has shown you that even North Korea celebrates news years eve by using fireworks, exactly as they do it in so many countries across the world.

You can, together with Above Borders, celebrate the new year on our New Years tour.