Frequently asked questions regarding Turkmenistan2019-11-06T16:30:37+01:00

Frequently asked questions regarding Turkmenistan

Are you considering traveling to Turkmenistan although you still need more information? We do understand that! Because Turkmenistan is a rather unusual travel destination and signing up for a tour like that is not like any other vacation. Luckily, providing you with information is exactly what we are here for. Beneath we have made a collection of some of the questions we get asked most frequently. Is there anything, in particular, you need to be answered or something you want to be elaborated feel free to contact us.

Will there be internet access?2019-11-06T17:18:54+01:00

Some of the hotels have Wi-Fi, however the connection is not really good. Besides the internet is heavily censured which means you have no access to social media. We haven't yet made any success with a VPN. It is possible to use email if you manage to get on a Wi-Fi connection.

Will there be any phone reception in Turkmenistan?2019-11-06T16:41:48+01:00

It depends on your provider. You should be able to call and text both locally and internationally. If you have any doubts you can always contact your provider to hear weather they provide service in Turkmenistan or not.

What if I have more questions?2018-08-30T13:31:46+02:00

Then you are always welcome to contact os. You can either call at +45 71747588, send an mail to or fill out our contact form.

What are customs in relation to tips?2019-11-06T17:00:16+01:00

Tips are as always a voluntary thing to do. It is an individual choice weather you wanna tip the local guides or not. If you reckon the guides have done a good job, they are really do appreciate being recognized through tips. The standard for tips depends on the day and how rough it has been for the guides. We have an estimate of 5-15 USD per day. for each guide or driver.

Is Above Borders member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fond?2018-08-30T13:59:14+02:00

Yes! Above Borders is a member. Our membership no. is 2943. It is your guarantee that we comply with the Danish rules and regulations for arranging group tours. You can read more about the Travel Guarantee Fond here.

Do I need travel insurance when i travel to Turkmenistan?2019-11-06T16:35:31+01:00

Yes you do. You need a travel insurance plan that covers the entire world and it would be ideal if you already have one. If you do not, you can purchase one here.

Can i pay with credit card in Turkmenistan?2019-11-06T17:13:19+01:00

It is only possibly in some hotels. Therefore, you need cash. We recommend that you bring USD$ from home which you can exchange to the local currency in Turkmenistan.

Can I have my payment refunded if I can not participate after all?2018-08-30T14:02:36+02:00

Refund is dependent on time of cancellation. We therefore will ask you to look at our terms & conditions to clarify whether or not a refund is applicable.