Unique destinations

The destinations at Above Borders are carefully chosen. Our destinations is chosen with the sole purpose to give you the best, most unique and different travel experience - where our tour leader at the same time can use his experience to show you the destination from a new angle. Our destinations is therefore not the usually charter place. Quite the opposite. You will only find programmes and countries, which has a culture and history which is far from what you usually meet. You will might even be surprised that it is actually possible to travel to some of the destinations we offer, and we guarantee you will be surprised about the diversity of each destinations which rarely is aligned with the single sided picture the media often show about each country. These new angles can only be experienced by going there yourself. Find the next programme which suits you the best, and start preparing for a destination which will give you an experience for life.

Below you will find an overview of our destinations. At each destination you can read more about our tours and find out why we think the destination is unique for each participant.

North Korea

One of the worlds most isolated countries - but at the same time a country which has many more facets than nuclear weapon, Kim Jong Un, War and threats. On a tour to North Korea you will experience a whole different  country than what is often presented in the media.

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Turkmenistan is considered to be one of the most strange countries in the world. The independent country is very young and therefore very different in the eyes of people from the west. It is a country that not many people are familiar with, but nevertheless, it is rich in culture and exciting experiences. For the same reason, only around 12.000 tourists visited the country in 2017 while Copenhagen, Denmark received more than 8 million.

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