Gustav Trampe

Gustav has since he was very little, been interest in languages and culture. This resulted in him moving to Ecuador for exchange - a country he knew absolutely nothing about. During his exchange, Gustav learned a lot about the country and the culture and at the same time he got the opportunity to learn the local language and become friends with the local people. Since his biggest culture meeting on his exchange in Ecuador, Gustav has always wanted to have new experiences and meet new people. Gustav is passionated about his tour and in his role as a tourleader he always strives to communicate his experiences and knowledge so that the everyone can benefit most possible from their tours and have the most unique and authentic experiences.

Besides being an engaged tour leader for Above Borders, then Gustav is always a part of creating and putting together new experiences. You can therefore expect that on each one of our destinations, Gustav has participated in creating the itinerary, investigate the best places and create the best contact to the local community - everything to put together the best possible tour for all of us.