In the spring, Mikkel joins our easter tour to North Korea. In his daily life, Mikkel work as a politician and his interest in society, politics and the local community is therefore a bit bigger than most peoples. Furthermore he is a really friendly guy - so friendly that he was willing to write a short post about his experiences in North Korea and let us share them with you.

Mikkels story

An amazing trip to North Korea - that simple it can be described. My everyday life in Denmark, with municipal policy, democratic awareness and a lot of discussions was tested when I was in North Korea. A country with an indenpendent self-perception and a was different culture. I was challenged on my thoughts.

We were presented to the finest of the countrys pride - beautiful hotels, beautiful monuments, interesting bowling alleys and shooting ranges!
We danced half nights at the hotels, was offered to fire guns and was able to talk with children who had amazing skills.

northkorean tram

I was able to put face on the nation, for whom many is proclaimed the rogue nation, and I must admit that every time that talk regards the "evil North Korea", we may never forget each of the 25 mio. faces and their lifes. Lifes which are affected by challenges, but also affected by a self-perception which only can be truly experienced by a visit. The citizens are all employed, although its hard to know the true purpose of every job. the people respect you, if you respect them. The people relates to a different culture and history than the rest of the world. Yes, we can agree that the form of government is unequal many other countries, but we can never discuss the fact that the North Koreans are people - people who deserves recognition to live and survive an challenged everyday life under a government.

I can highly recommend a tour with Above Borders - not for the guns or for the dance, but for putting a face on something different, exciting and something a bit scary.

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